Intro to 1001 Books in ASL

Hello everybody,

  A new website of videoclips of 1001 children books translated into American Sign language by Charles Katz for parents, school libraries, and any other interested people and groups is here now.  Now, parents have FREE resource on the internet to show ASL of children books to their deaf AND hearing children.  A long time dream of mine to translate one thousand and one children books into ASL is now being realized thanks to vblog technology, computers, and youtube.  

Each post will have between 2 to 4 ASL translations of a children book. They are word for word, literal, free, and visual gestural translations.  Word for word is signing each word approximately. Literal is translating only the text into ASL.  Free is translating the text and the images. Visual gestural is translating into something natural - visual gestural - old to us but something different for others. See for yourself.

The list at your right is the books being posted in order until 1001 books have been translated and posted.


Grace S. said...

Absolutely fantastic!!! What a wonderful idea!

I worked in a public library for 14 years and then went back to school to become an interpreter. Thank you so much for this much needed resource!!!

I look forward to many, many more books!

Grace S.

Dan said...

Great work! Wonderful to see this resource for free, hoping to use it to improve teaching of the deaf in Guyana where I am volunteering - many ASL resources are way too expensive to obtain here!

Dan said...

Great work, it's wonderful to see high quality resources available for free - I am working to improve deaf and SEN education in Guyana and most ASL resources are far too expensive for local schools. Thank you!