4 - There's Something in My Attic by Mercer Mayer

Three different ASL translations of a children book, "There's Something in My Attic" by Mercer Mayer. Perfect for librarians, classroom teachers, ASL specialists, and parents who want to expose children's books to their deaf and hearing students/children by showing various ways in re-signing the stories from the books. Enjoy the clips.

Above is a free translation version (from text and images).

Above is a literal translation version (from text alone).

Above is a word for word translation version (signing each word).

As you may notice the list on the right had changed. Some of my clips are more than 10 minutes long. YouTube accepts uploads of videoclips only up to ten minutes long. Will experiment around to see if I can upload longer than ten minutes clips. If not, then I will have to split the clips into halves. What do you think? Any experience uploading long clips to youtube? google video? other sites? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

This may very well be the coolest website ever.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

well done! I watched all at the same time. I grew up with SEE and then I learned PSE. Now I use PSE and ASL. I understand all.

I like your blog!

cnkatz said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I found viewing three videos at the same time far-out, too.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for doing this -- I wonder if you could do a Dr. Seuss book like "Horton Hears a Who" or "Green Eggs and Green Ham", that would be cool to see it signed in ASL.

Anonymous said...

Whenever performing anywhere, I usually avoid Dr. Seuss' books because they are, with serious intentions, written within English word play and rhyming, difficult when translating into free and literal ASL translations except in word for word version.

But it is a challenge I am willing to tackle. Probably The Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs and Ham where there are fewer words. Most of Seuss' books are long in English text. There are two books I thought wonderful in ASL - McElligot's Pool and If I Ran the Zoo (and the Circus).

Only if I had the resource and time to do the videotaping. Someday soon . . .

Anonymous said...

Have you tried any photo hosting sites, such as photobucket or the likes? I am very interested in your site being a D/HH teacher who is HH myself and teaching deaf children in an inclusion classroom.