9 - Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman

3 ASL translations of "Are You My Mother?" by P.D. Eastman.

I would like to post the clips here with a message about DeafRead. Returning from a national conference, I find the current mood of the Deaf community members increasing disapproving of DeafRead. I was told that DeafRead had lost its "D" center. I became disappointed in this because DeafRead was never exclusive from day one but always open to all. I made several public comments that the content of the DeafRead posts wax and wane with various topics. It is apparent that posts on pathological aspects of being deaf SEEM to dominate DeafRead. It is far from the truth. It is just that culturally deaf topics are not being posted much lately. "D" topics will need to be posted more. It seems to me that only when a national "D"eaf news break out, we see more culturally deaf posts.

I gratefully welcome the news of Tayler and Jared trying to find ways so that a certain group of deaf people could block seemingly irritating posts out of their tunnel-viewed sights. My message to those of you - PERSEVERE! BLOG more! Don't give up on DeafRead! FYI, DeafRead represents an excellent pulse (not complete, mind you) on the deaf community and serves as an interesting lightning rod for those "D" purists.

All right, here are three versions of my ASL translation of my favorite books from my early childhood. The free translation version is ten and half minutes long and YouTube rejected this length so I had to halve it. If you do not want to watch two separate clips, view the literal translation version. NOTE: if you want to view the clips at full screen, click on the clip twice and you will be taken to youtube and view it at full screen by clicking the icon at the bottom right corner.

Thank you and enjoy viewing the travails of a baby bird trying to find its mother. Click away . . .

Literal ASL Translation Version (above)

Word for word ASL translation version (above)

Free ASL Translation Version - Part A (above)

Free ASL Translation Version - Part B (above)


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite story! I have a video of my son retelling the story when he was 15 months old. Thanks for sharing both your thoughts about Deafread which i concur with and your storytelling.

Keep up with your great work. I look forward to your next one!


Julie Rems-Smario

Anonymous said...

This book was one of my favorite books when I was little. Interesting to say that this very same book was also my son's one of his favorite books. He used to ask me or his grandmother to read it to him over and over. I hope I still have this book somewhere in the treasure chest!

Enjoy ur story in ASL version! Thanks for the entertainment.

Paulette Sottak

PS ... U let ur hair grow. Look good and very hip!