10 - Curious George by H. A. Rey

Three ASL translation versions of H. A. Rey's Curious George children book.  Perfect for parents to show, along with the book, to their deaf and hearing children.  Would ASL students stoop to view word for word translation or challenge themselves by following the free translation? Would some "ASLans" complain of the word for word translation or find it an excellent way to give proof of how literal or free translations are far superior to the word for word version?  All, and more reasons, are why I do three or four versions - to let you compare for whatever reasons you to show the beauty and versatility of American Sign Language.

Enjoy the antics of the famous Curious George . . . 

Free Translation (part A)

Free translation (part B)

Literal Translation (Part A)

Literal Translation (part B)

Word for word Translation (Part A)

Word for Word Translation (Part B)

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Martinez said...

Would love to see more/different books translated into ASL! These are great