11 - The Five Chinese Brothers by Bishop and Wiese

I would like to post the three videoclips of three ASL translations of The Five Chinese Brothers by Bishop and Wiese with another laudatory message for the DeafRead team. 

I think devoted users of DR should welcome DeafSide and see how it go.  Over one year now, I enjoyed watching how DeafRead evolve by the topics being posted daily.  Only four months ago, the first DeafRead conference had the zeitgeist feeling of great possibilities DR could bring to the Deaf community.  Is that feeling still going strong, I begin to wonder.  The vision of DeafRead as impartial aggregator remains intact - something I applaud and enjoy.  I usually don't go into most posts being listed, only what strikes my fancy.  I enjoyed everything being listed out there and I quickly skim.  I think the adage of New York Times' "all the news fit to print" should apply to DeafRead's "all the deafblogs fit to post".   DeafRead should be for anyone interested in "anything deaf".   Of course, other people don't share my perceptions.  Others look at DeafRead differently.  We now have customized DeafRead enabling us to edit our content of DeafRead.  Now this . . . DeafSide. . . , , , ; ; ; : : : ! ! ! ? ? ? 

 I knew that, with right capabilities and know-how, more people like Taylor and Jared will create aggregation websites like DR and DS.   I expect future websites to be better than DeafRead in the internet cyberpspace and bring more communication and opportunities to deaf people and the deaf community.  DeafSide? First, I applaud the concept of a new aggregator being automatically fed from DeafRead.  However, I predict that they will change the title to something better.  Side means anything "on the side".  Side denotes to me not in the mainstream but on the side.  Deaf community has many sides, I agree, but ASL and Deaf Culture should be the major side of the community itself, not just one side.  I humbly think that the term, DeafSide, has some negative connotations to it.  They will have to revise it. BUT an aggregation website solely on Deaf Culture, ASL, and related "D" topics that make up from being culturally deaf is an excellent concept. I am excited and look forward to it.  

But the name?  I propose several terms.  DeafCenter as one option as mentioned by comments here and there.  How about DeafCore? DeafCircle?  DeafSomething?  I find the acronym DC appealing because it is Deaf Community, Deaf Culture, Deaf Children, deaf circles and deaf centers all over.  I think I am veering into the topic of my other website on deafhood and spirituality so I pause here.  T3 and JE - fyi, DCize it.  

Taylor and Jared, I can't enough thank you for beating your heads on soft walls trying to come up with better versions of a technological marvel you both have created around 2 years ago.  You constantly try to improve DeafRead.  You introduced to the deaf community the DeafRead Live Chat.  And now DeafSide.  Amazing . . .  I wonder - all what you do right now,  later joined by other "webgeeks" with your website inventing capabilities, could multiply together and morph into WHAT?   DeafRead in 2010, 2017, and beyond.  Keep up your good, honest, and noble work by banging your heads happily . . . 

I digressed big time from the purpose of this website.  Here is the 11th installment of 1001 Books in ASL.  Enjoy the brotherhood exhibited in this Chinese folk tale. Click away . . . 

Free ASL Translation - part A

Free Translation Part B

Literal ASL Translation - Part A

Literal ASL Translation Part B

Word for Word  Translation Part A

Word for Word Translation Part B


Unknown said...

I just found your blog and YouTube information today and I have to say THANK YOU!

Thank you as a mom, thank you as a homeschooler, thank you as a hard-of-hearing person and thank you as an ASL learner and teacher to my children. Your videos are so very valuable! You are doing wonderful work and helping many many people.

:-) Hettie

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Becky (So Very Blessed) said...

"WOW" is all I have to say. I am a sign language interpreter in an elementary school and...wow. We sign mostly CASE/PSE at our school, but you have made these stories absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for doing this and please don't stop! I know it's been a while since you posted, but I sure hope that means you're just working on your next story!

Kay said...

This is a wonderful project. I hope you continue. Since YouTube is blocked in many schools (all in the state of Florida), have you considered posting your videos on TeacherTube.com instead?

Thank you!

Carrie said...

Please keep making more! These are wonderful.

I added your link to my website:

If that's not okay, let me know.