1001booksinASL now in teachertube.com

1001BooksinASL videos are now at teachertube.com where any schoolteachers and parents with deaf/hearing children can view/download inside their classrooms and homes! Spread the word. Inform teachers/parents you know with any students/children that they have this resource, completely free and accessible.

I got a couple of emails from teachers and librarians informing me that they can not access the 1001booksinasl videos at youtube (which I suspected long ago) and that their processes to allow certain youtube videos accessible in the school system can be cumbersome. With teachertube.com (they check their videos for appropriateness), now accessible at computer systems in schools, they can have access to quality ASL translations of children books.

To my amazement and delight, parents and teachers can even download the videos of the children books in ASL and use them in any way they wish. This is not possible at youtube.com. Hearing parents can put the videos from teachertube into the iPods of their deaf children. Yes, I can try to upload the videos to iTunes and distribute them freely. Imagination runs wild as we learn to use new technology still in constant change for better pedagogy for (deaf) education.

Teachers, parents, and librarians can use the videos in any way to promote literacy development in both hearing and deaf children. With time and better use of imovie/moviemaker software in our teachers' and children's lives will promote original ways of teaching and learning literacy - reading, writing and signing.

Visualize the near future, a deaf child with non-signing parents and internet access at home can view one thousand children books in ASL - in various modalities: signed, texted, and voiced.

Here is a video of Where the Wild Things Are in free ASL translation from teachertube. click on the video twice to go there. Or click those words below.


Anonymous said...


I'm a teacher of the Deaf and just stumbled accross your site. We're in the middle of a literature unit on Where the Wild Things Are and I'm delighted to see such an amazing FREE resource.

I have a range of singers in my class, so the various options are great.

May I suggest that your next video be ' Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'. Since both books are being released as movies this month, it would be perfect timing.
My class will be seeing the movie open captioned in just a few weeks.

Thanks again!

Joanna Hendrix

Kimberly P. said...

I "discovered" you while doing an assignment for my ASL Lit class. You are fantastic, and I really apppreciate you allowing your viewers to download your stories for free. I've had the hardest time finding good ASL storytellers and then finding (inexpensive) ways to get a hold of their stories. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Keep it up :)

Kay said...

Thank you for putting these on TeacherTube so that they are accessible in our schools!

Rittenhouse said...

Thank you so much for putting your videos into Teacher Tube for us! I am currently working on collecting all the videos I can find with stories in sign language for my classroom. I hope you have plans to continue making more stories - this is a truly valuable resource!