13 - Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka

Yo! Yes! children book by Chris Rashcka in "free" ASL translation by cnkatz. For optimal effectiveness, hold the book the next to the video screen and enjoy them both. Do it in your homes with children, deaf or not. Or if you are learning ASL, you can observe how role shifting technique is critical in part to master ASL storytelling skills. If you are in a classroom, go to teachertube.com, get your account, and then view or download this video and use it for anything you deem best. The video at teachertube embedded below.

One big reversal mistake. I signed the story with both characters in my (signer's) view - not from the viewer's. Someday, I would be happy to redo this with costumes and with a dark and light skinned actors. Someday someday . . .

Musing on the impact videos in the internet have on education. Just wait a decade and we will find better quality videos in the internet which can be shown in classrooms equipped with LCD projector, smart boards, and a computer (even handheld IPod-like machines). Gallaudet, NTID, CSUN, and deaf institutions have websites which have huge catalogs of videos all digitized and disseminated via Google. Short clips of lectures in ASL on every school subject. Evaluation of skills done through videophone. ASL students at their terminals meeting and interacting in ASL in a virtual classroom is not so farfetched anymore. That is part of my vision of what the 21st century deaf education would be like. Every parent of newly diagnosed deaf babies have plenty of resources, all varied, to help them adjust and optimize their language environment for their deaf (and hearing) babies to thrive. Many benefits: classroom teachers, ASL students, and signers anywhere. The number of sign language users will exponentially grow.

Only Free translation version is done with this book due to its brevity and simplicity.

Open the book and click on the video - and enjoy . . .